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  • John Barclay Burns

    John Barclay Burns

    Associate Professor

    Religious fundamentalism, religions of the Near East/religion of ancient Israel, religion and mythology, acting and drama


  • Maria M Dakake

    Maria M Dakake

    Associate Professor

    Islamic thought, Qur'anic Studies, Shi'ite and Sufi traditions, women's issues


  • John Farina

    John Farina

    Associate Professor

    Religion and Society, Religion and Law, American Religious History


  • Catherine Prueitt

    Catherine Prueitt

    Assistant Professor

    Buddhism, South Asian philosophy, philosophy of perception, cross-cultural philosophy, ethics and embodiment


  • Randi L Rashkover

    Randi L Rashkover

    Graduate Coordinator

    Associate Professor

    Jewish philosophy, Jewish-Christian theological relations, Jewish feminist thought

  • Young Chan Ro

    Young Chan Ro


    History of religion, philosophy of religion, comparative religion, Chinese philosophies and religious traditions, and cross-cultural study of religions


  • Abdulaziz Sachedina

    Abdulaziz Sachedina


    IIIT Chair in Islamic Studies

  • Garry Sparks

    Garry Sparks

    Assistant Professor

    Study of Christianities, Religions of Latin America, Theories of Religion, Native American Religions


  • John Turner

    John Turner

    Undergraduate Academic Advisor

    Associate Professor

    American Religion; History of Early New England; Mormonism