Healing Humanity: Confronting Our Moral Crisis

Edited by Alexander F. C. Webster, Alfred K. Siewers and David C. Ford

Western societies today are coming unmoored in the face of an earth-shaking ethical and cultural paradigm shift. At its core is the question of what it means to be human and how we are meant to live. The old answers are no longer accepted; a dizzying array of options are offered in their stead. Underpinning this smorgasbord of lifestyles is a thicket of unquestioned assumptions, such as the separation of gender from biological sex, which not so long ago would have been universally rejected as radical notions.

In the spring of 2019, a group of Orthodox Christian scholars drawn from a wide variety of academic disciplines met together to offer responses to the moral crisis our generation faces, elaborating upon its various forms and facilitating a fuller understanding of some of its theological and philosophical foundations. In doing so they offer support to all those who question the claims that are so forcefully insisted upon today – a clarity that will aid them in standing up and resisting trends that have already shown to be the cause of great suffering and unhappiness.

Fr. Alexander F. C. Webster has published his fifth book, this time as one of three co-editors: Healing Humanity: Confronting Our Moral Crisis. For more information see Holy Trinity Publications, Jordanville, NY: https://www.holytrinitypublications.com/healing-humanity