Religious Studies
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Minor in Judaic Studies

The minor in Judaic studies is designed for students interested in the culture, history, and politics of Jewish communities across the world.

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Minor Requirements (Catalog Year 2016-2017)

Students pursuing this minor must complete 15 credits of religious studies coursework with a minimum GPA of 2.00. Eight credits of course work must be unique to the minor.

Two core courses (6 credits)

RELI 352 - Judaism from Exile to Talmud Credits: 3

RELI 370 - Judaism Credits: 3

Three elective courses (9 credits) chosen from the list below:

Special topics courses and independent studies courses, when relevant, may be used to fulfill this requirement with prior written approval of the undergraduate director.

HEBR 150 - Introduction to Biblical Hebrew Credits: 3

HEBR 160 - Readings in Biblical Hebrew Credits: 3

HIST 465 - The Middle East in the 20th Century Credits: 3

RELI 211 - Religions of the West Credits: 3

RELI 350 - Religion and History of Ancient Israel Credits: 3

RELI 372 - American Judaism Credits: 3

Total: 15 credits

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