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Religious Studies Fall 2016


100-Level Courses in RELI

RELI 100: The Human Religious Experience (3 Credits)

Examines main forms of religious expression as embodied in several important religious traditions in contemporary world. Investigates religious experience; myth and ritual; teachings and scripture; ethical, social, and artistic aspects of religion; and nature and function of religion in human society. Read More »

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200-Level Courses in RELI

RELI 211: Religions of the West (3 Credits)

Focuses on Judaism, Christianity, and Islam from historical, comparative, and cross-cultural perspectives. May also include modern developments of those faiths such as Mormonism and Baha'ism, as well as Zoroastrianism and religions of ancient Near Eastern cultures. Read More »

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  • Section 001 — Randi L Rashkover — Planetary Hall (formerly Science & Tech I) 122
  • Section 002 — John Turner

RELI 212: Religions of Asia (3 Credits)

Surveys religions of India, Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, Buddhism, and the religions of the Far East, China, and Japan, including Daosim, Confucianism, Shinto, from origins to present. Read More »

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RELI 235: Religion and Literature (3 Credits)

Explores the relationship between religion and literature in different times and cultures, the influence of religion on literary works, and how literature expresses major religious themes such as death and immortality, divine will and justice, suffering and human destiny, and religion and state. Read More »

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RELI 240: Death and the Afterlife in World Religions (3 Credits)

Explores how selected world religions address the universal experience of death and express their beliefs in an afterlife. Focuses on the scriptures, beliefs, rituals and customs of selected world religions as they reflect each tradition's response to the most basic question about human destiny - how human beings face death and attempt to transcend it. Read More »

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300-Level Courses in RELI

RELI 315: Buddhism (3 Credits)

Surveys Buddhist religious traditions. Includes historical development of Buddhism in India, China, and Japan, examining both Theravada and Mahayana traditions; philosophical and religious significance of Buddhism; and social and political implications of Buddhist traditions in South Asian and East Asian countries. Read More »

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RELI 337: Mysticism: East and West (3 Credits)

Comparative treatment of major expressions of mysticism in East and West through exploration of various ways of understanding mystical experience. Readings and discussion emphasize one or more of the Eastern (Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Zen) and Western (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) traditions. Read More »

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RELI 360: Religion and Politics (3 Credits)

Explores the roles of religion in contemporary political life in the United States and abroad. Emphasizes religion in current political debates. Includes history, political theory, sociology, and theology to present a comprehensive understanding of the topic. Read More »

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RELI 363: Catholicism (3 Credits)

Focuses on the beliefs of the over one billion Roman Catholics in today's world.Ê Probes the history, doctrine, symbols, rituals, practices, and material culture of the world's largest church.Ê Considers Catholicism's dialog with secularism and discusses controversies and challenges facing the church today. Read More »

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RELI 375: Qur'an and Hadith (3 Credits)

Explores two primary sources of Islamic belief and practice: Qur'an and Hadith. Discusses thematic structure and literary quality, and examines theological and moral issues. Also introduces various methods of interpretation and critical analysis applied to texts in both Islamic and Western scholarship. Lecture and discussion. Read More »

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  • Section 001 — Maria M Dakake — Nguyen Engineering Building 1107

RELI 376: Special Topics in Religious Thought (3 Credits)

Selected topics from a philosophical perspective. Read More »

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RELI 387: Islam, Democracy, and Human Rights (3 Credits)

Evaluates the political and religious goals of Muslim societies and governments, and whether these goals are conducive to the development of democratic institutions to promote democratic cultures and explicit support for human rights, as well as to these societies' full integration in an international order founded upon secularism and modernism. Read More »

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400-Level Courses in RELI

RELI 490: Comparative Study of Religions (3 Credits)

Cross-cultural examination of comparative aspects of religious phenomena. Examines significance of religious phenomena from diverse religious and cultural perspectives, and investigates patterns of religious phenomena that have appeared in world cultures and civilizations. Read More »

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Topics in RELI

RELI 376: Special Topics in Religious Thought (3 Credits)

Selected topics from a philosophical perspective. Read More »

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RELI 420: Seminar (not currently offered) (3 Credits)

Senior seminar on a specific topic of relevance to religious studies. Content varies.


600-Level Courses in RELI

RELI 630: Approaches to the Study of Religion (3 Credits)

Examines study of religion as academic discipline. Evaluates various intellectual approaches and methods used in study of religious phenomena. Read More »

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RELI 644: Islamic Texts and Contexts (3 Credits)

Introduces foundational Islamic texts; scholarly traditions of commentary, criticism and analysis on these texts; and application and significance of these texts in contemporary Islamic discourses. Read More »

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  • Section 001 — Abdulaziz Sachedina — Robinson B204

Topics in RELI

RELI 591: Special Topics in Religious Studies (not currently offered) (3 Credits)

Topics in religious studies selected by importance in the field and pertinent to the role of religion in society and culture. Emphasis on historical, interdisciplinary, and cross-cultural issues.

RELI 633: Ethical Perspectives of World Religions (not currently offered) (3 Credits)

Examines how perceptions of ultimate reality shape ethical values and behaviors of various religious traditions. Addresses problems in interpretation of authoritative foundational teachings in contemporary contexts. Special attention to non-Western religions.

RELI 635: World Religions in Transition and Transformation (not currently offered) (3 Credits)

Explores transitions and transformations in selected world religions as they respond to and influence forces of cultural change, social values, and the crises of history. Fresh or modified constructions of the sacred and their relationship to world and humans will be examined.

RELI 642: Sacred Language, Scripture, and Culture (not currently offered) (3 Credits)

Explores how sacred languages and scriptures develop in major global religious traditions: study of grammar, syntax, and morphology of sacred languages; issues of inspiration, authority and canon. Also examines cultural dimensions of sacred language.